Important Coronavirus Update for Touchstone Capital

I wanted to share with you how Touchstone Capital is managing our operations in light of the Coronavirus. Beginning Thursday, March 19th we will be working remotely and conducting business using our virtual capabilities. We are absolutely open for business and will continue to serve and advise you!

Leveraging Investments in Cutting Edge Technology

Touchstone Capital has invested a considerable amount of money and energy in developing world-class technologies to benefit our team members and clients over the years. In addition, we have developed a thorough, written Business Continuity Plan, which is tested every year in anticipation of events such as these. These investments are paying off now as business goes on (mostly) as usual for us and our clients in spite of the general stoppage going on around us.

The Technology Run-Down

Our team members have full access to all of our business and client documents through a secure, virtual server. We have online trading capabilities through our 20-year partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network. A cutting edge online scheduling system and ability to meet via Zoom web conference will keep our client review meetings on track. Our world-class Apple computers and devices are fitted with the highest levels of malware/virus protection and encrypted data security. The final element to our technology infrastructure is a brand new phone system, installed earlier this year, giving every team member full access to each other and our clients through traditional voice communication.

A Few Practical Notes

Calls to our office--Our plan is for calls to our office to be picked up immediately through our auto-attendant. Those calls will be routed and the appropriate team member immediately notified. Please leave a message, and then rest assured, you will receive a call back the same day, if not right away.

Document Drop-off and Mail--If you need to drop off documents at our office, you should call ahead or email for our availability. For the most part, we would encourage you to mail documents to us. A team member will check our secure mail box every day to process any business, including depositing checks in a timely manner.

Meetings and Appointments--We plan to continue to schedule our regular client review meetings using our online scheduling system. Please note: we will only schedule phone or Zoom meetings during the second quarter (April-June).

Although we expect minimal disruption to our business, we appreciate your patience with any delays that may occur.



Theodore S. Kerr, CFP©