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Overview of Investor360º®

We are pleased to offer Investor360º®, an online tool you can use to get the complete picture of your financial portfolio—whenever you want, from any Internet connection. Now, instead of waiting to get your statements on paper, you can log in to Investor360º® and see much of the same information we see when reviewing and maintaining your accounts.

With Investor360º®, you can:

  • See account balances and a detailed position breakdown for each account
  • View those balances and positions for virtually all your accounts held with us in one easy-to-read, consolidated report
  • Check on recent and historical transactions within your accounts
  • Link to other accounts, such as your spouse's or children's, for a view of your overall financial picture
  • Review account and contact information, listed beneficiaries, and other named individuals
  • View and download current and historical account statements
  • Get price quotes for traded securities

Investor360º® works with today's most popular Internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, and we've engineered it with the most advanced online security protocols to make sure your account information stays between you and our firm.

What are the benefits of Account Aggregation?

The optional Account Aggregation feature offers the following benefits:

  • The ability to view all of your account information—including data from banking, credit cards, investments, mortgage, insurance, and loan, through Investor360°®
  • Provides a more complete picture of your entire financial portfolio—including accounts held elsewhere
  • Improved design and navigability

How will I recognize the Aggregation service?

You will see a new link on the Investor360°® Holdings page, which will allow you to add/edit additional assets. Through this link, you will be able to search for financial institutions for which you have online access and you will be able to pull in (aggregate) positions and values from the institutions to your Investor360°® Login ID.

One exciting new feature is the ability to complete a consent form so your other advisers, CPA, etc, can access your Investor360º® account! Fill out the form below to get started. We'll give you a Login ID and password, and you can start viewing your accounts right away.

Investor360º is just the latest in our continuing efforts to make it easy for you to stay on top of your portfolio and become an even more informed investor. I hope you'll agree it does both!

Technical Information:

*For users with 800 x 600 screen resolutions: Because of the change to our screen resolution, you may see a bottom scroll bar on some screens within Client360°. To delete this bar, change your screen resolution to 1024 x 768 or higher. To do this, go to Start > Control Panel > Display, click on the Settings tab, and move the arrow to adjust your resolution.If the font sizes become too small after doing this, we recommend that you upgrade to a larger monitor and use a 1024 x 768 resolution, which will make the font size appear similar to what you had at 800 x 600. Please contact us if you need assistance in this matter.

Please contact us or download the electronic copies of the Investor360º User Guide and the Investor360º Consent Form below.

Investor360º User Guide
Investor360º® Consent Form