The Discovery Process

A Time of Discovery

A complimentary, no-cost and no-obligation introduction

The first meeting with prospective clients is called a Discovery Meeting because it is an opportunity for us to get to know their financial situation and for the prospective client to get to know us and our capabilities.

  • To start the process, a Welcome packet, including Discovery materials, are sent out for completion by the prospective client
  • The Touchstone advisor/team then meets with the prospective client to determine “proper fit” for both parties based on the client’s financial needs, goals and philosophies
  • Touchstone’s process and applicable fees are discussed
  • A decision is made by both parties whether or not to move forward with the relationship
  • If moving forward, the scope of the work is discussed and agreed upon
  • A Strategy Meeting is then scheduled

All of this is conducted in a friendly, low-stress meeting where our purpose is really about making sure that time is well spent for both the client and Touchstone.

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