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We are launching a new initiative that will occur about once a quarter with a virtual event called Ask the Advisors. These events will give clients the opportunity to speak directly with advisors on current topics and to ask questions. We encourage client participation and are excited to meet new prospective clients along the way.

A Cashflow Plan for Today's Realities: The Secure Cashflow Plan

We live in very different times than our fathers and grandfathers. Conventional rules and approaches to creating lifetime income sufficiency don’t apply in today’s realities. As we’ve experienced in just the last few years, things can turn on a dime. One day we’re enjoying one of the most robust economies in history, and the next, we’re digging ourselves out from the sharpest economic downturn in history. Inflation is kicking up market volatility, and geopolitical conflicts threaten the global food and energy supply.

Everything has an impact on an individual’s retirement cash flows. There is no more setting it and forgetting it. Cash flow planning now has to be dynamic, constantly gauging conditions, recalibrating, and adjusting to ensure a reliable and sustainable income. The Secure Cashflow Plan enables us to zero in on each client’s income sourcing needs to make adjustments as often as necessary. It allows us to be nimble while still being thoughtful about how to source income.

We’re not very active portfolio managers as we rarely make changes to our portfolios. But we are very active cashflow stewards to ensure our portfolio generates the optimum cash flow for the clients who rely on it.