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A Unique Culture that Looks for Everyone to "Win"

By Ted Kerr,  Founder/CEO

Touchstone Capital was founded on a basic premise: There are three stakeholders that must each benefit from the ongoing affairs of our business. We refer to these benefits as "wins."

First, and most obvious, our clients must "win" by receiving the trusted advice they need to address the most important financial issues in their lives, as well as by receiving superior service when implementing that advice. If clients do not "win" in these ways, they will leave and go to a competitor, and the business will eventually fail.

Second, and less obvious to some in our industry, our Team Members (employees) must "win" by being treated with respect and by being rewarded for their contributions to the company. If Team Members do not "win" in these ways, they will mistreat the clients or leave to go to a competitor, and the business will eventually fail.

Third, and equally important, the company's shareholders must "win" by receiving profits on the capital they have put at risk. If the company's shareholders do not "win" in this way, the shareholders will find a better investment opportunity that yields higher returns and will move their money to that investment, and the business will eventually fold.

In summary, Touchstone Capital recognizes the essential element that all three stakeholders play in the ongoing affairs of the company. None of the stakeholders is more important than the other because if one "loses," they all "lose" eventually.

For more information on the theory of building "win-win" relationships in business and in life, we strongly recommend the bestselling book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.